A creative night light

Yesterday, we purchased a bird cage looking lantern named “GOTTGÖRA” for my daughter’s room as a nightlight.

Previously, I purchased a roll of led USB powered lights and my wife thought to stuff this LED roll of lights into the lantern and use it as a creative source of nightlight for our daughter.

The result was a beautiful nightlight, that we placed in the corner of her room.

I love the look of the light but it was rather inconvenient to go to the switch to turn it on and off, and moreover, for it to be effectively a nightlight, it should either be motion activated or better yet, SIRI activated so that she can command it to turn on or off as necessary!

This is a video of the light BEFORE being SIRI enabled.

So now it’s time to rummage the toolbox and hack together a Siri enabled USB controller.