Making the Creative IKEA Gottgora Light talk Siri

The completed Siri enabled IKEA Gottgora Creative Light (approx. 3 hours of assembly and programming)

Click here for PART 1 of the making of this Gottgora Night light

I started the project with a quick scope out of the requirements.

  1. Needs to talk MQTT to join my home automation network
  2. Chose ESP8266 as controller for WIFI
  3. Also needs homebridge to enable commands with Siri
  4. A simple enclosure to make the project usable and visually appealing

Some parts and progress of the build:

Left to right: Project box, USB mini cable, ESP8266 with relay, push button switch, power socket female, male

Assembled parts in box:

Once assembled, the firmware was uploaded into the ESP8266 and the home automation hardware was reset to recognize the new component.

So now, all you need to say is “Hey Siri, turn on corner light!”, and the nightlight is now complete!

Thank you for reading..