Wifi WPA2, is possibly compromised

UPDATE (17 Oct 2017): Microsoft Windows and Apple iOS/MacOS have already offered patches to this vulnerability in their respective platforms. So aside from Android devices and IOT devices, it looks like this is pretty much contained.

WIFI WPA2  (WIFI protected access) the security setting most routers are currently running on, is possibly compromised.

Based on a 4 way handshake system, this security system has secured our WIFI airwaves for the past 18 years. But now, a “key reinstallation hack” has possibly broken this and now most devices including IOTs, smartphones and routers are exposed to data loss.

The MiTM (Man in The Middle) attack will expose data in transit like your passwords, secured data and anything sent in plain text over a compromised connection.

If you connect over HTTPS, your content are still fully protected from snooping.

Attackers cannot snoop or eavesdrop on your data without being nearby.

So recommendations are as follows:

  1. Update your devices with security patches
  2. Connect over HTTPS wherever possible

More information about this hack can be found here.