Voice is the differentiator

The voice assistant wars have begun and we have few large contenders:

  1. Apple’s Siri
  2. Amazon Alexa
  3. Google Assistant
  4. Microsoft Cortana

I’m particularly interested in the ability for these voice assistants to be integrated with IOT devices. At the point of this writing, I have managed to integrate Siri with my home automation system. In the coming weeks, I will be exploring integration with Google home, Alexa and even Cortana..

My findings so far is that voice is a huge differentiator for usability, imagine just speaking a command to turn on the lights, this is way easier than having to pull out the mobile phone, navigate to the app, open the app, search for the control and finally tapping on the relevant “On” button.

In coming week, I plan to review each platform and list the pro and cons of each.