SmartButton Bus Arrival Notifier

I have 2 teenage daughters and they bus to school daily during the week. They start off real early in the morning each day, at slightly different times and every minute saved during those precious time, getting ready and having a quick breakfast is vital.

Wouldn’t it be nice if theres a button, when pressed, gives you the next bus arrival time in minutes and also factors in the walk to the bus stop?

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Energy monitor for the refrigerator

I have always wanted to know how much energy the refrigerator consumes, being one of the biggest consumer of household electricity, and virtually every home has at least 1 unit, it would be an interesting project for me.

I started looking at how I could achieve this, and I would eventually like to match it against my monthly utility bill, perhaps even modifying my usage pattern to reduce and possibly save on energy usage.

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Monitoring temperature and battery voltage. Sending data to Google spreadsheets.

This project monitors temperature and sends its results via WIFI to a Google Spreadsheet at timed interval of 2 minutes per reading. It also sends the current voltage level of the battery to the spreadsheet. To save power and extend battery life, the device is put to DeepSleep after the temperature and voltage values are successfully sent to Google Spreadsheet.

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